the Grab-It

Thanks for visiting our site. We are Civic Enterprises, Inc., manufacturers of the world famous Grab-It. This patented device has so many uses, it would be hard to list them all. Foremost, it lends dignity to the unpleasant job of picking up trash and litter. It can be used for cleaning ditches, picking up Pine cones, broken glass, litter, cans, and almost anything unsightly that needs to be cleaned up. Many schools, Universities and roadside maintenance crews use it in their daily cleaning activities. In addition, individuals may use it for picking up the morning paper, reaching that sock that fell behind the washer, or getting that box of cereal off the top shelf. The standard Grab-It is 30" long and weighs only 8 ounces, making it usable by virtually anyone.

                              The Grab-It


When pressure is applied to the handle, the two rubber cups come together, firmly, yet gently grasping the object between them. When pressure is reduced, cups automatically spread and object is released.

Key Benefits

bulletNo need to stoop or bend in order to pick items up
bulletGreat for people with back or knee problems
bulletWhen used for trash or litter, the item never touches your hands
bulletEliminates chance of being cut or scratched by cans or broken glass
bulletMakes a great gift or Christmas present for the person who has everything
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